Drinking Vessel

Lidded Vessel 2015



Robert Cooper is an established ceramicist who has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. He is fascinated by the persistence of artefacts and ideas. He often uses found objects, such as pottery shards from the Thames foreshore, which are imbued with a previous life and function, as a starting point for his work.


He has, for many years, employed recycling as a mode of working. Different elements such as clays, oxides and glazes left over from teaching sessions, discontinued ceramic transfers, printed imagery from popular culture and even pieces of previous work are recombined to create new narratives with multiple meanings.



London Craft Week & The Crafted City 2015
May 7 – 10, 2015
Contemporary Applied Arts
London Craft Week


Contemporary Applied Arts

Leaving Home:
A new setting for site-specific contemporary craft

17 April - 31 May 2015


Interview with Traction Magazine